The Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative 

Collective Impact Model​​​​​​​

Utilizing the collective impact approach, the USC Military and Veterans Programs (MVP) serves as the backbone organization of the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative (LAVC). The LAVC seeks to maximize high-quality supports for veterans by aligning efforts to develop collective solutions. 

Collective Impact Graphic

                      THE COLLECTIVE IMPACT model ENCOMPASSES the following components:

1. Common Agenda: Shared understanding of the problem and the approach to and action plan to solve it.

2. Ongoing Communication: face to face meetings over a sustained timeframe to develop and maintain trust.

3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities: collaborate and support aligned activities with a shared goal.

4. Backbone Support Organization: centralized infrastructure (staff, process, and procedures).

5. Shared Measurement System: a common set of indicators that monitor impact, track progress, and identify gaps.

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